Legislative Session Achievements

First StrategicLegislative Session Achievements
  • Secured in 2008 a total of $4,468,000 in federal funding for various clients.
  • Extended funding an additional five years for TGen in 2007, making it possible to continue its groundbreaking research and remain a leader in the biomedical field.
  • Interceded on behalf of the Salt River Project (SRP) and negotiated with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to establish sensible mercury levels at power plants in comparison to ADEQ’s proposed stricter measures. FirstStrategic’s efforts in 2007 saved Arizona consumers and businesses millions of dollars.
  • Advocated on behalf of Arizona realtors for the successful passage of HR2323 in the 2007 session by fixing a law that does not require the purchase of a third party disclosure report.
  • FirstStrategic represented four clients in the 2006 session and had four bills successfully passed through the legislature and signed by the Governor.
  • SB 1355 appropriates $7.1 million to TGen, a nonprofit medical research center, to be used specifically for autism research.
  • SB 1390 allows the department of revenue to consider the depreciation of property due to changes in technology when valuing telecommunications.
  • HB 2212 prohibits a city or town from petitioning for annexation of a territory for at least forty-five days after completing a previous unsuccessful annexation attempt.
  • HB 2702 extends the length of a time the Rio Nuevo tax district in downtown Tucson can receive state funds.