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Case Study

Chaparral City Water Company


FirstStrategic was hired by Chaparral City Water Company to effectively educate Fountain Hills residents about the need for the first proposed water rate increase in 14 years.


The firm formulated and executed a strategic communications and community outreach plan that included directly interacting with residents, businesses and community leaders through a multi-dimensional website, direct mail, and several community workshops. Further, FirstStrategic tackled media relations efforts, approaching columnists of local newspapers, using letters to the editor to effectively respond to any negative comments, and conducting one-on-one public speaking training for key individuals. Lastly, the firm successfully developed positive and fruitful relationships with local government officials and members of the media by maintaining a consistent dialogue with them and demonstrating a proactive engagement with the community overall.


Implementing our communication strategy, the firm prevented any substantial opposition from the Fountain Hills Community leading up to the Arizona Corporation Commission's final ruling on the rate increase.